Read ALL of them for your safety and others!

Parents, it is YOUR responsibility that your children understand and obey the rules.


Everyone, including spectators, MUST sign in before entering and check out by turning in wristbands before leaving the facility.

Everyone, including spectators, on premises MUST sign a waiver of liability form.

We DO NOT have trails for trail riders. We are a track based facility.

Absolutely NO riding at night.

Obey direction markers and closure signs. If it is posted as closed STAY OUT, reasons may not be obvious.

If personal is on track pay attention to directions and SLOW DOWN!

NO LITTERING, if you want a place to ride leave the area cleaner than you found it!

The owner/operator of a vehicle is liable for any injury or damage for the negligent operation of the vehicle.   Ki Tracks will not be liable for any accidents!!!         

Follow the manufactures recommended age requirements for the vehicle. ATV guidelines are: Age 6 to 12 – Less than 70CC, Age 12 to 16 – 70CC to 90CC, Age 16 and older – More than 90CC

NO double riding.

An adult MUST accompany a child on the MX Track. Follow the child, DO NOT lead.

Pull your child off the MX track when experienced riders are riding.

Hold your line on the tracks, DO NOT Zig Zag. (The rider behind you will find a way around you.)

NO CUTTING THE TRACKS. Ride the whole track not just your favorite part.

NO ADULTS on the Pee Wee Track. Exception only for training purposes.

Use common sense when riding!!! DO NOT ride beyond your means.

All individuals MUST have their own health insurance.

DO NOT ENTER the MX track when the gate is closed.

When the track gets busy we reserve the right to class riders at our discretion. (see classing information)

Watch for directional signs at the entrance to all tracks!!!

If there is an AMBULANCE on the grounds stay out of its way.

If you want to ride at Ki Tracks you will honor and respect all rules and Ki Track personnel.



DO NOT lean bikes against office building use bike posts!!

Proper riding gear is required!

HELMET MUST be worn EVERYTIMEyou are riding your vehicle.

Riding boots (NO shoes or work boots)

Pants (NO shorts)

Proper shirt (NO tanks or shirtless)


NO utility quads allowed on any of the tracks.



Any of the above infractions will be cause for immediate removal from the facility.


Ki Tracks, Inc is privately owned and operated.

We are not affiliated with any state funded organizations.


Please ride safe.

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